Robbin (Dudley) Klemm and Mike Klemm, three grandsons and brother, Harold (Hal) Watts Grimes. Lunch at the Community Center will be catered by The Pecan on Broad. The back roof had holes in it and the floor was rotted. In 1925 it was decided to erect a library building. Following the concert there will be a reception and Art Show at the Female Institute. I am happy to announce that we currently have 346 members in the Wilcox Historical Society! She gets along with people and has helped recover harvested animals. The violinist and violist perform with the Nashville Symphony and the cellist just returned from a nationwide Broadway Tour of Oklahoma! Wakefield was the site of our annual Christmas Open House Saturday, December 4th. It is the first of what I hope will be a number of travel opportunities for the WHS. And Uncle Meek as mentioned in the letter was Governor Benjamin Meek Miller from Camden Alabama governor from 1931-1935. Dr. Jones first served with the British Medical Command, then joined the American Expeditionary Forces in France as a field physician. I have tried to find this location with no success. Supper will be sold before entertainment. Daughter Virginia died at age 7 in 1854 and Anna died three weeks later at age 12. Knight spent Sunday in the home of their brother, Dr. Walne Watson of Pine Apple. Many cotton lands will have to be planted in corn. On Sunday afternoon, September 18th, members and guests of the WHS enjoyed hearing from Dr. Ashley A. Dumas, Associate Professor of Anthropology at The University of West Alabama. In 1970 Frank Cade Jr. wrote a brief history of Rosemary, based on his own experiences and stories of his parents. Recently, an aunt of mine unloaded quite a few old family photos to me, which included a beautiful photo of the home in Pine Apple, Alabama. I strongly suggest you get your tickets early as the Friday Night Reception is on track to sell out. He bought fabulous jewels for her form Cartier in Paris, and as if that were not enough, to which hurt King George and Queen Mary especially was that many of the jewels that Mrs. Simpson paraded were royal heirlooms from the priceless collection of the Kings mother Queen Alexandra, who bequeathed them to the Prince of Wales to be worn by his future wife. Hello! Listed as a National Historic Landmark, this house is considered to be an "unusually sophisticated Greek Revival style plantation house". It was in 1934-35 that people began to see a dulling of the Princes appetite for work and a boredom and irritation on his face as he carried out his public engagements. He enlisted in the Jeff Davis Artillery at Selma, Alabama and served through all the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia. This valuable place will be sold for $6,500 cash, worth $10,000. The cemetery was immaculate. Built in 1836 for Richard Henry Adams and Anna Carter Harrison, both natives of Virginia. All guests, including WHS Members, will register at Furman Methodist Church (across the street from the Post Office) upon arrival either Friday or Saturday to receive their arm band for the weekend. The Adams originally donated one acre, which encompasses the church building and cemetery. Rev. It is our plan to open it on Saturday afternoons from 12:00 pm 3:00 pm for self-guided tours. Box 464, Camden, Alabama 36726. Rosemary sits near the Alabama River and was built on the highest land in the river valley. Mansells program is entitled Souvenirs of Travel: Southerners on the Grand Tour. Throughout the years, it has been featured in numerous national magazines and books concerning the architecture or history of the antebellum Alabama Black Belt. His oldest, Alexander (pictured above), went to Yale Law School, while his other son, J. Boardman (pictured at left), received a Doctorate in Divinity from Howard College. In addition to the matching fund campaign, we received a $37,500 grant last month from the Alabama Historical Commission to help us restore the Institute! Quite a number of worthy young people were helped by this scholarship. As you know, Highclere Castle is one of the most notable homes in the world and Lady Carnarvon has been integral in its preservation. Cabin 22 is one bedroom with two queen beds, a full bath, kitchen, and living room. Miss Hines and Miss McNeill have accepted. The Club has cooperated with many causes that were not local. The median age was 34 years. The three teachers offered the school for next year. The two other sons were Joel E. and Thomas M. Mathews. Over two hundred people enjoyed one of their five visits to Wilcox County last year! The new vocational agriculture and home economics building will be located at approximately the same location as the present building. Hannah and Madeline amazed us all with the premier of their first Christmas album. McCarty, W. P. Preston, A.J. Easily find farms for sale in Choctaw County Alabama at In 1845, the Gee brothers sold the plantation to a relative, Mark H. Pettway, and the Pettway family name remains prominent in Wilcox County. Landmarks include Trails End, Patience Plantation, Wakefield Plantation, Fox Hill Plantation, Palmer-Barlow-Britt Home, McCondiche-Stabler Home, Purifoy-Lipscomb Home, Perdue-Williams-Estes Home, Watson-Moorer Home, Burson-Rushing Home, Robbins-Kennedy Home, Bethsaida Baptist Church, Furman Methodist Church, and Hopewell Church. The Raise the Bell Campaign has taken off like a rocket. M.F. Roland Cooper and Corp. Jim Richards of the Wilcox County Company. Fowler, of this city. Several outbuildings now at, Built in stages from 1832 through the 1850s. We plan to spend a few hours exploring Furman. The salutatory was given by Rosa Lee Jones and the valedictory by Winston Stuart. Direct descendants of these original settlers have continued to own homes and property in Furman. Editors Note: The Wilcox Female Institute was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April, 1976. We have five grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 15. The beautiful floral arrangements were the creation of Ryan Dunagan. In other cases, furnishings locally crafted sought to mimic the styles of these imported pieces with more rudimentary craftsmanship. E. Goltry, Beaver Dams, NY, II know its been a LONG time since I contacted you about the Bloxom family. This special event will feature wine and hor doeuvres provided by one of our Platinum Sponsors, The Pecan on Broad in Camden, Alabama. After the 1893 marriage of my great grandfather, William Henry Grimes to Josephine Watts, the home was remodeled adding the three front gables and two front rooms and porches with gingerbread trim. Representing 10,300 acres with 73 buildings, and 14 structures, the Furman Historic District, encompassing Old Snow Hill Road, Wilcox County Road 59, Burson Road, and AL 21, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 13, 1999. Seale read the constitution and by-laws. W.J. The First Baptist Church, Pine Apple, Alabama was established in 1898 as the colored, First Baptist Church. The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. I saw the J.R. Bells from Selma and talked with them awhile. We always look forward to spending time in Camden and building on our friendships. The majority of homes we owned have been at least 100 years old. The second child, a son, JJ Till, died in 1907 at 3 months old and is buried along with his mother. Thank you to Ms. Billie Gibbs for being the first to volunteer to help this cause. You did not seem able to take in any point of view but your own. Alice went to Coy. We will mail them a beautiful gift certificate along with our latest newsletter. Tags: alabama, antebellum, black belt, furman, house, plantation, wilcox county. Support for arts programming is critical for a vibrant creative community, which results in a thriving arts economy, a workforce ready for innovation, and a high quality of life for all residents. . My great, great grandmother Letitia Roberts Grimes, bought the home in 1869, two years after the death of her husband, my great, great grandfather, Wiley Grimes. Questions? Mrs. Frank Cade who is president of the Wilcox Historical Society presided at the business session. The early river boats were usually side-wheelers with powerful machinery, often pushed to dangerous and explosive pressures by the heart pine fed into their fire-boxes plus fat-back or pure rosin when a race or delayed schedule demanded maximum speed. I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. It certainly helped that so many of the council members know her from her work on various boards across the State. In the beginning the Club members took turns acting as Librarian. And I certainly dont want to forget to mention we have two spoiled cocker spaniels, Kisses and Bentley. . As a result, we have already raised close to $3000 in additional contributions since our September meeting. [3] Geography [ edit] The Prince of Wales, David to his family, was Princess Elizabeths favorite uncle and he got great pleasure in indulging her. The community of Gee's Bend (whose official name is Boykin) is situated in Wilcox County in West Alabama in the bend of the Alabama River. (To be continued in the WHS Winter newsletter.). Lunch locations Saturday, March 26th 11:00 am 2:00 pm will be in Furman at KayBri located at 8654 Freedom Farm Road aka County Road 59 in Furman (across from Bethsaida Baptist Church) and at the Furman Community Center located at 8191 County Road 59 in Furman. Make sure to renew your membership to continue to be a part of this special organization. Her parents and younger brother were going west but only got to Claiborne where there was a yellow fever outbreak. Dr. Here are a few inquiries and comments received since our last newsletter: Hello, I have been working on genealogy. Mason, Joseph George, and their associate stockholders of the Wilcox Female Institute. Loved every one of the homes! From our annual Tour of Homes which brings thousands of people here to bringing concerts to the county, we are making a difference. The Sophie is a 2 bedroom (1 queen/1 king) 1 bath with kitchen. He is cured but may have to go back for inspection in a few months. Im trying to start an ancestor book. One article I found about Kedars preaching style was written in 1917 by W.B. The invocation was given by the Reverend Robert Glass, pastor of the Friendship Baptist Church. Anna Gayle Fry in her book Memories of Old Cahaba describes the antebellum formal balls held in Cahaba and mentions Mrs. We will mail them a beautiful gift certificate along with our latest newsletter. Years later, I finally met Ms. Gaston in Greenville where she and Judy Taylor of the Butler County Historical & Genealogical Society helped me locate the Hawthorne plot in Magnolia Cemetery. If you have any information to help with these inquiries, please let us know and we will be happy to pass it along or put you in contact with the interested party. Please contact Mary Glen Grant to volunteer. Master Jodie Hall Jones left after the holidays to enter the Marion Military Institute. WHS Members receive a $10 discount on their tickets when you purchase them locally. Wilcox County is steeped in history. L. Lynam, Tuscan, AZHello. Thank everyone that has already contributed to this project. Wilcox County leans heavily towards the Democratic Party. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Please return it immediately so we can process these orders before tickets are released to the general public. It seems about 6 hours from me here in Georgia, so that would be a nice trip! Today it is owned by his son Brock Jones of Tuscaloosa, who is conscientiously slowly restoring it, being mindful and appreciative of its long history. With your help we will not only add the much-needed restroom facilities, but we can complete the restoration of the upstairs/bell tower and add the original wing to the building as well. The per capita income for the county was $10,903. While here he married Lucy Bailey in 1855. And the steamboats which plied the river, their memorable exploits and frightful disasters, as well as their colorful and intrepid captains, pilots and crews were as familiar topics of conversation to the past generation as moon rockets and space ships are today. He went back out to his truck and saw a text on his phone from me that I would be there that Thursday 4 days notice! We needed a larger home and Garland told us about the Beck-Darwin-Hicks home, c. 1846. We will not honor any requests received after November 10. Many objects are familiar and have counterparts in our own lives, while others have lost their usefulness or significance in modern societies. There was certainly a mob of people there, and so many soldiers, national guards, etc. While there we were impressed at the history and age of things around us. Before his fathers death, tho the Prince of Wales closest friends were talking about the possibility of him renouncing his right of succession in favor of his younger brother, the Duke of York. My Uncle remembers seeing a portrait of him in his robes somewhere in Montgomery he thought in a government building this would have been around 1955. Mr. Hamilton served on a variety of federal, state, local and volunteer boards throughout his career and worked tirelessly to support The Episcopal Church, both locally and nationally. I am interested in hearing more about your society. Eschewing fashion, Mr. Smith identifies and sensitively accentuates the natural gifts of the landscape, imparting balance, harmony and beauty in the classic tradition of Palladio, Brown, and Repton. The minutes and financial report were given and old business dispensed with. This was the parting of ways. Editors Note: President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelts visit to Montgomery was on Saturday, January 21, 1933. Wilcox County is home to Roland Cooper State Park, Lake Dannelly, and Bridgeport Beach.

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