Henriette portrayed by Pierre Mignard, 17th century, Henriette, Duchesse d'Orlans, the sister-in-law of Louis XIV, took a drink of her usual chicory water and immediately clutched her side, crying out in pain. There are times when I will shout (in my head), Just leave this place and run back to England.. Still wouldve loved to read your long comment was it complimentary? Henriette wasnt asking the king to hire a hit on Philippe. Mike did. Today, speculation has attributed Henriettes death to intestinal blockage, ectopic pregnancy or tuberculosis affecting the peritoneum. Noemie Schmidt: Yes, totally stuck. Maybe that is where she got the poison she used on Fabien?, de Clermont went to a brothel to obtain poison and the love potion Lauren (Marchals henchwoman) tells him thats what she observed. the first time we see Henriette is with Louis, and Louis mentions her husband. Philippe is jealous. It is clear these two have a long relationship and are not allowing a small (read: large) thing as marriage get in the way. Now she is in a marriage that will never give her any joy with a man she does not love and she should risk displeasing her lover, the king, by rejecting him? But Montespan kind of brushes it off with, Yes, I would do the same. She is hurt, nonetheless. And Marchal sees this too, his eyes flicking down to focus on them, then showing us aflashback of the dying girl, Charlotte de Parthanay, whom he held in his arms in Episode Three, where she says she saw angels. Another suggestion is that she had porphyria, although she displayed none of its symptoms. And Louis weeps. Today you get the chance to kill a king! While hes saying this, Marchal behind them is taking out a knife, and suddenly he slides it across the floor, and Louis picks it up, and Montcourt lunges another candlestick is involved.. OMG And then Louis grabs Montcourt from behind and sinks the knife into him! Once again, Louis behaviour, as reported here, is uncharacteristic. I risked my life for your vanity, to rescue your wifes dowry. Louis: I acted for France because I AM FRANCE! Philippe remains stoic this time its Louis getting angry and we know why. I am sobbing. But gossip is gossip and it was particularly rife and vicious in those days. Montcourt to Marchal: You are a fool. Louis replies: And you are a MURDERER! Montcourt continues with the wrong man thing, but Louis will have none of it. Lovely. Her intent is not to hurt Philippe by sleeping with Louis, she simply doesnt care (and I dont blame her). Well, my thought is Philippe angrily claiming his conjugal rights may well have happened before. Glad to see he lives on, at least for awhile. See above comments about Henriettes powerlessness as a woman. His grip tightens on the poker, even as Montcourt looks actually shocked at that accusation. Henriette was more than happy to become second only to Marie-Therese. Is it fair? He deserves a truly powerful, unpredictable, fun, intoxicating woman who pulls the rug from under him, and he enjoys it. But his treatment of her does make me think, rather than an actual person, the writers have quite subtly used her as a tool: she is the only person Philippe can take his frustrations out on he knows she loves Louis, and at that point Louis is still very much in love with her Philippe knows this, and punishes Louis the only way he can, but punishing his mistress. Speculation that Henriette had been poisoned began straight away. Claudine looks sad: this must be frightening for her. She is subject to the whims and wishes of her king and lover, of her husband and even of her husbands lover. New episodes of " Versailles " air at 10/9c Saturdays on Ovation, but are rebroadcast throughout the week. Your closest confidants told you to look elsewhere! Cassel leaves, then Montcourt walks away in the direction of Rohan who is discussing the Dauphins outing with a guard. Right away, I am feeling negative towards them both, and yes, judgey about Henriette. She could have answered with an honest yes but she evades the question. There are a few movies I enjoy that are fairly accurate. I really enjoy your reviews. Aaaaaand now. Okay, Im gonna walk you through what I see, so bear with me. In any case, Philippe is Louis victim but definitely NOT Henriettes. I will speak to whomever I like. Louvois: I know this is true. I think this comes down to loyalty one would assume the Kings guard would be fiercely loyal to the crown so no one would suspect any plotting. Louis and Philippe approach the bed, to the dying Henriette who looks really bad. She gasps and the priest enters silently. In my opinion, I agree with Teresa. Is Philippe a victim? It was all out there. Claudine Masson Fabien Marchal Henriette of England Henriette and Montespan Fabien and Sophie Isabella Braganza Claudine and Fabien Marie-Thrse and Montespan Versailles (series) Sophie de Clermont Philippe of France Henriette and Louis Philippe and Liselotte's Wedding Chevalier and Henriette Categories Or because she cant look him in the eye and admit it? Anyways, he says: we cannot be seen together anymore. Philippe had a relationship with the man he loved while Henriette continued to sleep with the man she loved. ), Back to Louis outside his bed chamber, where Henriettes screams of pain can be heard. How do we find the poisoner? Perfectly written line is delivered perfectly by perfect actor. Just another way Louis is emasculating him, making him a laughing stock in French society. Louis looks strained, says: I do not regret sending her. UGH D: Hi Jules, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews as much as I have enjoyed watching Versailles. Finally, the king weeps for his love, when he is alone. Arguably, as a man, it was within Philippes power to end his relationship easily enough whereas Henriette, a woman, would very possibly not have had that same power. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Anne. At least thats always been his excuse. (aaaand check out the looks on Louis and Bontemps faces as I randomly paused right here. The opening episode of Versailles season two featured fortune tellers and laser beams. My biggest problem with Henriette/Louis is that I find it highly doubtful that Louis would have sex with her. Thank you. It was total and raw and real and I wept long and bitter tears for him. You couldnt guarantee any would survive. He was a noble, he knew the rules.) I am a true friend of the king. but Louis knows. Seriously, he could have married her to any noble and they would have looked the other way at the cheating. Yet how much pain are you willing to endure before you get what you want? But that was the thinking of the time. Are there more shows you will review? Henriette of England is poisoned during her trip back from England. Not long to go now, and we are with Marchal, who lies in bed, wakes suddenly and touches his stomach wound, which bleeds through the bandage. He says quietly: She knew what she had to do. As she said, she was only voicing what they were both thinking. Yet even on her deathbed, she reaches for Louiss hand first. Another scene now, with Rohan getting ready for his ride, and a servant girl by the name of Marie entering, demanding her money. Hold onto this moment, I told you. Saint-Simon asserted that Louis was so thankful that his brother was innocent of the crime that he decided not to prosecute the perpetrators. Louis turns in slow-mo, the expression on his face revealing nothing. While your character and scene analyses tend to differ quite a bit from my own (perhaps because of that?? I pity Henrietta. She seems like she has genuinely been brought in as a main character simply to drive the wedge deeper between Louis and Philippe, but not contribute anything herself to most of her scenes! Bontemps: For you, Sire. Shine on Bontemps, you unsubtle diamond, you. The sad irony here is, I do think Louis cares very much for Philippe but he cannot let his armour of paranoia down enough to recognise Philippes loyalty and the fact that he can trust his brother. This girl is familiar she was at Henriettes bedside as the princess related the story of her first masked ball to Sophie. Previously, we see Masson offer the same bottle offered to Louis when the king is sick (and Masson reels off a list of ingredients), and the bottle being secretively replaced, so Masson definitely did not know it was poisoned. And before we can check ourselves and reach for the tissues, the priest murmurs, Amen and Philippes expression tightens, his head gently shaking before he steps away from the bed, leaving Louis there. *Another side-note: When the Chavelier mentions that Louis does not look for beauty so much as character, umwas he talking about Henriette? Now that *would* be naive. We were taking the air with our governess when we made a break for freedom. Off they stride with purpose and a couple of guards, through the gorgeous corridors (shot in the gorgeous Vaux Le Vicomte) and with ominous background music to set the mood. Royal FamilyKing Louis XIV Arranged Marriage: To Marie-Thrse Boom, Headshot! She finally asks. I think I enjoyed your reviews as much as the show itself. She puts her foot in her mouth. The door suddenly opens, Claudine walks sombrely in. Nice one, Montcourt. When an autopsy was done (observed by 17 French doctors, two English physicians, the British ambassador and around 100 other onlookers) death was deemed to be from cholera morbus (gastroenteritis) caused by heated bile. The poor Chevalier, accused when he wasnt even there! The Queen rushes to her side as she collapses and Louis commands Bontemps to fetch his doctor. And for those who love her. Philippe replies ominously: we are all of us in sickness here. They fear she might have been poisoned, so King Louis XIV shuts all access To Versailles. Since the first stone was laid in this expansion. Jacques 10 episodes, 2015 . All I could find were negative. Do you even think hed allow her to end things? Feel free to comment if any details are wrong. *That should have read historical figures not historical characters! Philippe adds: .or two, perhaps. And he strides off. What a pain! Philippe: my brother always trusted you. Claudine: I am honoured. Philippe whispers: I dont believe I know what it feels like. .. Emo Philippe, so dark and tortured! and to Marchal in his office, interrogating Montcourt. John Clare 191 subscribers Henrietta of England, Duchess of Orlans rushes to Louis XIV's chambers after being poisoned. Whats wrong? The historical notes you added were my favourite of all, I love knowing whats accurately portrayed and for the parts that were tweaked, what the actual history was. Wow that was odd. Only Versailles is now about as sexy as Robot Wars. oh sorry, wrong show). Hi, Incest or homosexuality? And suddenly Marchal has his ah-HA moment. Thank you! It was Season 1. Hi Theresa, and thanks for your comment. Back to Henriette, who is now laid out on a bed, hair done, powdered and dressed in her finest gown. Everyone shares a look because, yeah, they know. He sees Louis. Louis approaches and she wakes. Of course, nothing happened and the doctors said colic but nine hours later, she was dead. 1556332. (its only 16mins and 50 seconds in not that I was counting *innocent whistle*) Filmed in the Chteau de Maisons in Maisons-Lafitte, in the Salon dHercule, he strides past Montcourt, demands to know what he is doing. He is beyond selfish and his cruel behaviour is at the root of all of their misery. Its just that his anger and upset (and yes, jealousy I think) affects him so much, because its just another way for his brother to control and belittle him, make him less. the kiss between the Chevalier and Philippe happens after the war, after Philippe has seen Louis bring Henriette to the front. Whew! Only 4 of his children grew up, and even then, another died at 27. He was shut out of his mothers (Anne of Austria) last moments, while Philippe was in attendance, where, despite her appalling treatment of her second son, he openly wept and grieved. Hes just having some fun. To which Marchal says: you are the daughter of a Huguenot conspirator to the King, funded and supported by William of Orange. But Sophie says her mother paid that price, she is merely trying to survive and thought Marchals protection would ensure it. As to fiction I found the ones I did read ended up thrown against the wall. I could never love you morewell. And Philippe replies gently: You did the best you could. Tears now from Henriette: how handsome you both are. And now we are in the last throes of her last moments it hurts and she cannot breathe, they move the pillow. Henriette feels nothing for Philippe, he not having put any more effort into endearing himself to her than she to him and he also complicating things for her where Louis is concerned. When we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away. b) To show a glimpse of vulnerability for Henriette because for all her power, she is still the property of her husband and can be treated as such. Louis staggers to his feet, Montcourt bleeding out on the floor, and he goes to Marchal, who has collapsed near the fireplace. She coudnt have said no if shed wanted to. She cant honestly say that the death of the man to whom she is shackled in a loveless marriage, who feels no attraction for her and never can but can easily enough rape her, who stands between her and the man she truly loveswouldnt be entirely unwelcome. After reading your review on epsiode 10, and reading that it ends with Philippe leaving Versailles, I thought back to epsiode one and the moment he finds Louis at his favorite spot in the woods. Back with Marchal, interrogating Louvois this time. Henriettes liver and intestines were found to be badly corrupted, while her duodenum, gall bladder and the lower portion of her abdomen were filled with evil-smelling bile. again, another shagging time between Henriette and Louis, when Louis friends have been murdered and she mentions the fact she was jealous of the dead woman. And she did it willingly. Philippe: Because you told her to. Louis: Because she was born to it. Philippe: Because she loves you. Louis: if we do not have the English, we cannot attack the Dutch. The look on Philippes face is incredulous yes, Louis is talking war when his wife lies dying. And yes, the Chevalier does live to quite a ripe old age . Louis adds, almost contemptuously: you never understood politics. In the early hours of 30 June, she died. Do you honestly think that just because certain abusesatrocities, evenwere acceptable, that those on the receiving end didnt feel anger, pain, violation, etc. They talk about whats happening Marchal is questioning people, and Sophie was taken in that morning. I know this coming years later, but to Theresa THANK YOU SO MUCH. Does all this excuse Philippe raping Henriette? but afte I cliked submit my comment didnt appear. I also cannot figure out why Louis and others speak freely in front of the guards when even they are unsure of their loyalty.. For her lot to improve, she could only hope for things to happen. Its stoic. She has no one to keep him at bay but the king, if he chooses. But, this is my interpretation or thoughts based on the real life events. Oh, and was it common in this era to talk about new marriages literally 2 minutes after your wife/husband died? Then he turns and suddenly a Man In a Mask is standing there. She had always been painfully thin and Louis once tactlessly referred to her as the bones of the Holy Innocents. he is troubled, hearing Montcourts whispers in his head: When we are the kings enemy, we must make him believe we are his friend. and so on. What shall I do! So to me, this indicates hes still quite scared. Henriette has become seriously ill, it might be poison and she is the sister of the King of England. I was never a fan of the character of Henriette, I just cant see how she wronged Philippe more than he did her. After their conversation about stealing Philippes glory and the fact that Louis never liked sharing. Your question misses the question, Montcourt replies cryptically. He rapes his wife. That she could feel no affection for the man she was forced to marry, a man who could never feel anything for her and who also raped her, is not at all surprising (even while considering that marital rape was acceptable at that time). The true cause of Henriettes death can never be known, but one thing is certain: this beloved princess was sadly missed. A begrudging father/daughter mentor role, and she eventually warms him up a bit? God knows the wolves might have taken us but what did we know? How can people not see Rohans calculating glances, his sly little looks? The two are not mutally exclusive. I do understand you are a fan of Philippe, but I dont understand why that nessitates that Henriette be viewed as the villian. Right. NOT AT ALL acceptable in the eyes of pretty much everyone. But here, now? Colbert looks a bit stunned. and especially when he proved himself in battle and all of Paris cheered him and adored him. Back outside, to a view of Versailles under construction (I love these pre-glory shots!) And then down by the promontory. There is no change. Especially as her lover was the king. The next shot is of Montespan, entering her rooms, where she briefly cries then quickly gains control with a deep breath. Shes genuinely quite sweet, but tenacious something Im sure our Head of Security will appreciate). Cats with nine lives. Philippe and Henriette are quite possibly the two people Louis loves most, and yet he uses and hurts them both repeatedly to get what he wants and because he is paranoid about his brother. Desire for glory. He did it with Prince Annaba, with Philippe and the Chevalier, with Philippe in the bath whether its just him thinking hey, Im the King, I can do whatever TF I want or some other deep need to catch people unawares, I do not know). He looks nervous and steps to Cassel, but Cassel rises and bows, along with everyone, as Louis enters. and Nine. Is he justified in knocking her across the room? But your first strike would have to be true. Rohan slits the other guards throat, watches from a distance as the young prince has a sack put over his head then bundled off. That is exactly what I would be thinking. He advances on Montcourt, who is looking a little shell shocked. Let me know when the doctor arrives, Louis says, and leaves. When you see Fabien going to find the missing Charlotte, you see him visualising the scenario he holds up his hand, points his fingers in the shape of a gun to see how the angle would project. I think Teresa is being a bit naive re. I was searching online for reviews/explanations of this show I was never educated about Frances history because I come from the other side of the globe and coincidentally stumbled upon your website, much to my delight. Her breath falters: Im scared. And the look on Louis and Philippes faces as they both lean in to comfort her *sobs* Philippe says gently: There is nothing to fear. Henriette: How do you know? Philippe: do you remember before you were born? A hundred years ago. Basically he can do what he wants, but she is not allowed to. His belief was shared by Elizabeth-Charlotte, Philippes second wife, who named the culprits as Lorraine and the Marquis dEffiat, an equerry, who had acted without Philippes knowledge. Exactly. These scenes are odd for me to watch, but by now, I have totally put aside any frustration when the show deviates from what I know of the actual history. This is who they truly are in this one moment of grief. But in context, with everything else going on in the show and with what Philippe deals with, I can understand why he did it. And I do not regret it for an instant. Like he is trying to justify himself. Bontemps suddenly appears; Henriette has been calling. I cannot even imagine his reasoning for this, however I do know historically, Henriette desperately did want to be Queen of France, as did her mother want it, but at the time, she didnt have the pedigree, being the sister to Englands heir who wasnt even on the throne at the time. ? If you have to, just close your eyes and think of France. Montcourts eyes drop to Louis hand and suddenly he pulls a knife. But of course, she wants to know what happened to her mother in exchange for that information. Henriette. Do you see them now? Or survival. he starts to pace: here comes the lecture. Do you believe these women feel less pain and violation because the behaviour is condoned by the society in which they live? Enriched my enjoyment of the show, and got a bit more educated on the courts history as well . Would you villify a slave because he hated his master or ran away simply because slavery was accepted at that time and slaves (much like women, little difference there) were considered nothing more than the property of their masters to do with as they please (again, just as a woman was to her husband)? Get Marchal pissed at you. The writers could have written a scenario where Henriette willingly sleeps with Phillipe to make Louis jealous and to provide in an explanation in the event she becomes pregnant. And poor Philippe, who is distraught about his wife, its just another snub for him, isnt it? Henriette mentions the issues she has with the Chevalier. Versailles 2015 - S01E10 - Bring the Garden Here (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 14 Dec. 2015) Duchess Henriette becomes suddenly ill when she returns from a visit to her brother in England. Montcourt tried to tell me the same. Eg; Louis shuts him (from preventing Henrietta to go to England) up by releasing Chevalier. This is clearly frustrating for Bontemps, this is against all protocol, and Bontemps is nothing if a creature who takes comfort (and even enjoys) the routine of protocol. (*cries*), Bontemps goes to see Louis. We stake our claim or we are ploughed into the field. Then Philippe walks out, still dressed in his nightshirt and robe, barefoot. There is your music.. Just because women were denied their personhood does not mean they were not human beings who felt as any human being might feel. Her father was King Charles I of England, her mother the youngest daughter of Henry IV of France and Marie de' Medici. The midwife and doctor were horrified but there was nothing she could do!!! If anything, his expression pays deference to her status as a princess, hes contemplating his own mortality. I have one comment / correction on what you wrote on Henriettes death scene. And we came here for a visit. Close the doors! The Queen adds: we must put her in the bed. Louis nods; in she goes. And even after Louis became tired of Louise, he didnt run back to Henriettes arms either, instead he turned to Montespan who became his next mistress. It is so reflective of the dilemma she has created for herself. Louis pauses, shocked, Marchal grabs his belly, echoing that look, and Im all NOOOOOO! Such an angry king, and rightly so. Photograph: BBC. We now see Philippe asleep. The best visual of the whole episode.

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